Team Dominator Displays –

November 2017, Okeechobee Fl.  FPAG – Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild 25th Anniversary celebration! 

     Dominator Fireworks was honored to be invited to shoot a pyromusical at the amazing 25th anniversary event of the Florida Pyrotechnic Arts Guild.  The event proved to be one of the premier pyrotechnic events of a lifetime!  Team Dominator members Ed Vasel, Tim Jameson, John Perella, Chris Jameson, Ron Sweircz, Matt Roach, and Josh Wetmore have been here before, thousands of cues, borrowed equipment and limited time to make it happen…there’s no one better!

Looking forward to the chance to work in a warmer climate, and display their talents in front of perhaps THE most experienced crowd to gather in decades, the team was anxious to assemble.  We met on Monday afternoon to assess the shoot site for the Friday display, racks were to arrive on Tuesday morning leaving us 4 days to work with so we needed a lot of things to go right!  Upon entering the field, we were greeted by water.  Lots of water!  A tropical storm over the weekend dropped copious amounts of rain over the area leaving 90% of the shoot site covered in 6″ of water.   Along with the water, a cold front dropped temps low enough we could see our breath at night, so much for the warmer climate!  The team fought through it and got the 15 minute pyromusical set up with time to spare Friday afternoon.  The field dried and the weather improved daily, showtime was almost perfect conditions.

Tim Jameson and Ron Sweircz handled the scripting for this display and did an excellent job.  We would like to thank FPAG for the invite, Innovative Pyrotechnic Concepts, Four Seasons Fireworks, Firepower Displays, Ace Pyro and the many members, especially the board of FPAG for all of the assistance to make this possible.

Dominator sincerely appreciates the support of their customers, fans and partners across the globe.  Below are a few images and the video produced by the Veverka Brothers, enjoy and see you at the next one!


September, 2017 Erie PA.

The 2017 NFA convention in Erie, PA was a GREAT shoot site.  Team Dominator set up and shot a couple “small” 3 minute finale’s after their product demo’s on Wednesday and Friday night.  In Wednesday’s demo finale the big hit of the night was Dominator Fireworks recent addition to their line up, Heat Seekers paired with their Mammoth Red Strobe.  Heat Seekers was introduced in 2016 as a 20 shot screaming tails to red comet effect that is great for choreography.

Friday’s demo finale was all Dominator Fireworks 1.4g Pro-line items inclucing several new 13, 15 and 19 shot slices that have made the brand so popular in pyromusicals.  Big thanks to Tim Jameson, Josh Wetmore and Ron Swiercz for the sucessful week in Erie, enjoy the video’s!

September 2012 finds Team Dominator in Joplin MO at the annual NFA convention for another display. The team put in many long days and faced several weather challenges but the experience of this crew really shined and due to diligence, prep and team work this massive 2,300 cue musical was set up in the field the day of the show in less than 6 hours start to finish! Team Members Ed Vasel, Scott Fleer, Michael Kroeger, Tony Grey and John Perella were all present. Special thanks to Dan Muzzey for his 4th assist! Also huge Kudo’s to Black Market Fireworks In Joplin for their amazing hospitality throughout the week they are truly a class act.

August 2012 found Team Dominator just outside of Chicago in LaPorte Indiana and geared up for another fantastic pyromusical. The week brought awesome weather and a great venue at the LaPorte Fairgrounds. Team Members Ed Vasel, Michael Kroeger, Scott Fleer, Tony Grey, John Perella and Jerry Casabella along with many other crew members worked for 5 days to set this one up. This show was titled “Crown Royale”

Credits to TimPSeargent for the video

Part 2

Here is Team Dominators 1st place display from the awesome NFA convention in Stevens Point WI in 2011. This was the largest gathering of team members to date with Ed Vasel, Michael kroeger, Scott Fleer, Tim Jameson, Tony Grey and John Perella all on hand to get the massive display in the air. Special thanks to all the crew members who made sure this show happened!

Here is Team Dominator’s ” Best of Show” winning pyromusical from the 2011 PGI convention in Fargo ND. Other teams that shot this week included Zambelli Fireworks, Pyrotecnico and Flashing Thunder. Team Dominator pulled off back to back displays on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights! Special thanks to Team Member Michael Kroeger, Ace Pyro for the equipment and Lew’s Fireworks for the very capable crew that week!

Here is Team Dominator’s first appearance in a competition at the annual NFA competition in Springfield MO. Team Dominator won the first place trophy despite horrid weather conditions including almost a foot of rain the day before the show!

Here we are where it all began…Appleton 2010, and the great flood! We will have to do another post on just that. This show was choreographed by Ed Vasel, Michael Kroeger and Simon Turcotte Langevin a choreography contest winner from Montreal who flew in to the PGI to see his creation come to life! Credit also to Simon for this video: