Pro / 1.3 –

Here we will compile posts about our 1.3 displays and try to post about set up, equipment, choreography and all things 1.3!

Team Dominator Choreographers Matt Palaszinski, Ed Vasel and Michael Kroeger rocked China at the 2013 International Symposium on Fireworks in Changsha, China!


PGI 2011 1st and second place displays in Fargo, North Dakota.  Choreography by Ed Vasel.

Dominators winning competition display using all 1.4g product at the 2010 NFA convetion in Springfield, MO.  Choreography by Ed Vasel



1st Place display from the National Fireworks Convention in Sevens Point, WI in 2011.  The entire race track was circled!  Choreography by Ed Vasel, Michael Kroeger, Tim Jameson.

2012 “Best of Show Award” at the Pyrotechnics Guild Internationa convention in LaPorte, IN.  Choreography by Ed Vasel, Michael Kroeger.

Part Two!


Here is a non competition show Dominator Fireworks donated to the 2011 NFA convention in conjunction with Bartolotta Fireworks in Wisconsin. Video by YouTube user valleygamingstockton.  Choreography by Ed Vasel.